God Status

Mob Last Killed By Killed in
Akkel the Enflamed Warrior Singularity [A3] 00:00:05
Ancient Magus Tarkin [Fate] Ironhide 00:00:05
Baron Mu, Dark Rider of the Undead Feared Warlords 01:42:47
Bolkor, the Holy Master Collective 2 00:00:05
Brutalitar, Lord of the Underworld Minimus[brood] 00:04:19
Crane The Sigil Army Project 00:04:25
Crolvak, the Fire Master .:Dark Plague:. 00:00:07
Detox The Sigil Army Project 00:01:32
Dlanod, the Crazed Chancellor My Balls Your Mouth 00:00:04
Dreg nor, Keeper of the Infernal Essence Minimus[brood] 00:00:10
Ebliss, Fallen Angel of Despair The Sigil Army Project 00:03:55
Felroc, Overseer of Hellfire My Balls Your Mouth 00:00:05
Freezebreed, The Frozen Manipulator ° FRINGE ° 00:00:20
Ganja the Stone Golem -=Misfitz=- 00:00:11
Garland, The Lord Keeper Lsa's Multi crew 00:00:41
Hackerphage, Protector of the Gateway -=Misfitz=- 00:09:54
Holgor, the Holy Deity Fate 00:00:07
Howldroid, Tormentor of the Pit -=Misfitz=- 00:00:55
Hyrak, Bringer of Nightmares The Sigil Army Project 00:01:08
Jade Dragonite Feared Warlords 01:13:07
Jazzmin, Maiden of Vitality ° FRINGE ° 00:00:54
Jorun the Blazing Swordsman [Fate] Bumblebee 00:00:05
Keeper of Nature Singularity [A4] 00:00:07
Kretok, Descendant of Nature Minimus[brood] 00:00:06
Lacuste of the Swarm Gaea's Cradle 00:00:08
Lady Ariella Feared Warlords 01:00:20
Lady Chaos, Queen of the Abyss Night Archers Reborn 00:11:04
Lord Narada ~ White Sands Fortress ~ 00:00:36
Lord Varan -=Misfitz=- 00:21:06
Mistress of the Sword Antifa 00:00:22
Nafir, God of Desolation Where's The Lambo At ?! 00:00:04
Nayark the Mummified Sorcerer Singularity [A2] 00:00:05
Nessam Minimus[brood] 00:00:06
Quiver, The Renegade The Sigil Army Project 00:02:13
Rillax, Twin of Wisdom The Docking Station 00:00:06
Rotborn, Eater of the Dead Lsa's Multi crew 00:01:00
Samatha Dark-Soul Minimus[brood] 00:00:23
Sarcrina the Astral Priestess Sigil 00:00:06
Shadow The Sigil Army Project 00:15:39
Skybrine The Inescapable •|Morbid Purgatory|• 00:03:10
Smoot the Yeti Minimus[brood] 00:00:09
Synge, The Red Dragon ~ White Sands Fortress ~ 00:00:33
Terrance, Rebel of Rallis Minimus[brood] 00:00:31
Threk, King of Lords Minimus[brood] 00:00:55
Tsort Minimus[brood] 00:00:20
Villax, Twin of Strength Transformers 00:00:08
Viserion, the Necrodragon My Balls Your Mouth 00:00:06
Vitkros, Hydra of the Deep ~ White Sands Fortress ~ 00:00:35
Volgan the Living Ironbark [Fate] Sqweeks 00:00:04
Wanhiroeaz the Devourer The Sigil Army Project 00:01:23
Zertan, The Collector Minimus[brood] 00:03:59
Zikkir the Dark Archer [Fate] Crosshairs 00:00:06