Mob Last Killed By Killed in
Akkel the Enflamed Warrior [Fate] Sqweeks 00:00:09
Ancient Magus Tarkin [Fate] Megatron 00:00:10
Anguish •House of Pain•_1 00:09:33
Baron Mu, Dark Rider of the Undead •House of Pain•_1 00:44:58
Brutalitar, Lord of the Underworld [C] Potion 2 00:00:08
Crane †Rome† 00:00:25
Detox †Dead Memories† 00:08:45
Dlanod, the Crazed Chancellor Fate 00:00:25
Ebliss, Fallen Angel of Despair [C] Potion 3 00:00:08
Felroc, Overseer of Hellfire Collective 3 00:00:14
Freezebreed, The Frozen Manipulator •House of Pain•_1 00:12:57
Ganja the Stone Golem Invasion 00:00:28
Gorganus of the Wood [C] Phoenix 1 00:00:15
Jazzmin, Maiden of Vitality Elegance 00:02:40
Jorun the Blazing Swordsman [Fate] Optimus 00:00:15
Karvaz, Lord of Alsayic Collective 3 00:00:13
Keeper of Nature [Fate] Optimus 00:00:19
Kretok, Descendant of Nature Where's The Loot At ?! 00:01:04
Kro Shuk, Doomslayer [C] Potion 4 00:00:12
Lord Narada •House of Pain•_1 00:03:31
Lord Varan Extreme Havoc 00:00:23
Mistress of the Sword -=RenegadE=- 00:01:23
Murderface Pirates(lol) 00:00:56
Nessam †Rome† 00:00:17
Pinosis †The Eternal City† 00:00:21
Raiyar, the Shadow Master Where's The Loot At ?! 00:00:11
Rotborn, Eater of the Dead [C] CoES 4 00:00:14
Samatha Dark-Soul Rrchangels 00:02:47
Smoot the Yeti Rrchangels 00:01:37
Synge, The Red Dragon Sacred Ground 00:01:22
Tylos, The Lord Master Dynamic 00:01:35
Vitkros, Hydra of the Deep The Collective 01:21:29
Volgan the Living Ironbark [C] Astral 2 00:00:11
Wanhiroeaz the Devourer Legendary Resistance 00:01:27
Zertan, The Collector -Eternal Ruin- 00:00:46
Zikkir the Dark Archer [C] Astral 3 00:00:09
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